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Worldwide Influence

Music is a piece of art that goes into the ears straight to the heart. Shapeshifters expands the demand, focusing on internal relevance in music.

Rhythym and Rhyme

Have you ever had a song playing in your head, the rythym pumping through your veins, each step you take landing on the downbeat? And as you turn the key in the ignition of your car, the radio comes to life with the very song that seconds ago was invading your very being? Was it chance, coincidence , or was it providence? The very stars aligned in that moment that played out like a story written in time that by definition is Shapeshifters.

Andi and Shane alike have been influenced by a plethora of the greats. At the same time, electric and vibrant, they bring to the table the very heart of what music is suppose to be at its core. Delivering solid vocals and haunting harmonies that illuminate emotions in the listener they werent aware they had, bringing light to the darkest heart. Providence united this power Duo when their paths intersected creating the dawn of melodic magic and harmonic heroics in which no opposition can withstand. They freely give you their heart as they shine like the sun.


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